Project Management

Protective Coatings Project Management Services
Acting as the owner’s representative on the job site during new or maintenance painting projects. Ensuring all facets of the project are looked after and completed to the standards as specified by the customer and regulatory agency.

Coating Inspection Services
NACE Certified Level III, Level II and Level I coatings inspectors with over 60 years of combined experience.

Coatings and linings consulting services
Third party coatings, linings and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) inspections for new and maintenance projects. Lead paint pigment identification and chloride testing, potable water tower security auditing and assessments programs.
Protective Coatings Preventative Maintenance Auditing Program
The computer generated Protective Coatings Preventative Maintenance Auditing Program, using trained NACE coatings inspectors audits your fleet, facilities, Municipalities coatings and linings systems for coatings deterioration and corrosion levels on tanks, vessels, piping, structural steel, “virtually everything that is or can be painted” . The computer system builds an equipment inventory and identifies and prioritizes equipment that is in need of recoating or minor touch up coating.

Industrial Video Inspections
Conducting remote industrial video inspections for facilities and Municipalities since 1995.
Our video inspection equipment consists of Class 1, Division 1 explosion proof cameras, zoom cameras, pipe cameras, bore scopes and crawlers.
Tanks and vessels can be inspected through 2’ nozzles. Piping as small as 6 mm to 12’ dia. Industrial sewers to underwater potable water tower lining inspections and assessments. If you have an application we have a camera inspection system for you.

Infrared Thermograph Services
Level II Infrared Technicians can provide large and small thermal assessments from; liquid level, thermal profiling, refectory hot spot scans or large infrared preventative maintenance process equipment surveys, electrical surveys, sludge levels, FRP equipment deterioration identification, heat exchanger fouling programs.

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